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Aquastar E-3000/F technical specifications

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Timer Activated Valves - Aquastar-e-3000/f
24 VAC (1.5", 2" & 3" valves)

All manufacturing, assembly and testing is done at our facilities for quality assurance.
Praher has been successfully developing and manufacturing automatic backwash since 1982.

• Timer controlled activation of backwash.
• Adjustable (1min. - 11 min.) backwash.
• Adjustable (20 sec. - 4 min.) rinse.
• Water and chemical resistant pad switch.
• On - off pump control circuit.
• Auxiliary equipment circuit available.
• CE approved (European Electrical Code).
• Low water cut off circuit.
• ISO 9001 facility.
• Tandum Wiring Feature (Master/Slave) for Multi-tanks
• Wiring diagram and more data see page 70

The E-3000/F series Aquastar Automatic Backwash valves are Timer controlled (analog 7 day 24 hour programmable timer)systems which have the actuator and the controller in one enclosure. An integrated touch pad switch allows the operatorto perform standard switching tasks on the unit (Backwash/Rinse Cycle, Drain, Pump Shut Off, auto). The internally controlled pump relay (max. 6.3 Amp) must control the recirculation pump’s On/Off sequence during the valve’s backwash and rinse functions. An external pump contactor mustbe provided by installer (Aquastar 24V signal will provide operation). The auxiliary circuit available is a double throw relay,which can be used for external ball valve control (open make up water valves during backwashing, close backwash line during filtration), heater and chemical feeder control (off during backwashing) or system monitoring through PLC’s.
Each actuator is equipped with field adjustable potentiometers to set the backwash-and rinse times.

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